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JC SprayDeck is owned and operated by Juan Frayre. Juan has over 15 years in the swimming pool industry with extensive knowledge in swimming pool remodeling. He strives to stay up to date on all new products and standards of practice. He has built an excellent network of quality suppliers and subcontractors. He founded JC SprayDeck in 2002.

JC SprayDeck is a pool remodeling company. We are professional in every aspect of our business, from appearances to reliability. We pride ourselves on being the best at taking care your pool or spa and remodeling your custom oasis.

If you have had problems in the past with others who call themselves “pool remodelers” then be prepared to put those worries behind you. At JC SprayDeck, we are dedicated to improving your viewpoint on pools and putting enjoyment back into ownership.

Your swimming pool and spa are major investments for relaxation, fun, and fitness. Get the most out of them with JC SprayDeck!

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